Case Studies

International Case Studies

Barco Escape Theatres – Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

The best adrenaline moments of the “Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials” transformed from a single screen into an ultra-wide, fully immersive experience bringing the entire theatre to life.

Projection Mapping

Cine-bridge launched a cinema first using the unique technology of Projection Mapping in addition to the regular TV-CM, Vine and Twitter for the new flavour of Mentos.

Ikea Movie Sleepover

Ikea Moscow brought the bedroom to the cinema, decking out the whole theatre in the latest Ikea bedroom range.

Cinema Takeover – Gaz and Leccy (Energy Activation Stunt)

November 2015

An unsuspecting cinema audience got the shock of their lives when Gaz & Leccy burst through the screen in a fully immersive, 3D cinema stunt.

Pepsi Max’s Monster Mirror

October 2014

Pepsi Max fitted modified bathroom mirrors in the toilets of the Odeon cinema in Bayswater, transforming the reflections of visitors into Halloween characters.

Audi TT 4DX Test Drive

To let everyone experience the new Audi TT, the Russian agency Instinct BBDO applied 4DX movie technology to a TV commercial and showcased it on the BIG screen.

Smart Car

This smart film is shown as the curtains begin to draw to a close at a much narrower gap so viewers can see “Smart Can Fit In Everywhere”.

Legends Virtual Extras

Using a green screen and near real-time editing, patrons were inserted into the “Legends” trailer, which ran in ad-network NCM’s First Look preshow program.

FOX Crime Network

Moviegoers were taken into the scene of the crime and onto the edge of their seats this unique cinema activation to promote the launch of the FOX Crime Network in South Africa.

Sky News Arabia In-Cinema Stunt Goes Viral

Sky News Arabia lived up to their promise to report news “Now and from Everywhere” with an innovative cinema activation treating unsuspecting moviegoers to a live in cinema cross.

New Zealand cinemagoers get distracted with a killer joke

Auckland Transport leveraged the power of cinema to bring to life their new distractions campaign highlighting the impacts distracted driving can have on our roads.

Corona blurs cinema screens in Spain

JWT Spain created a cinema campaign for Corona Extra, partnering with Sony Pictures, the first minute and a half of Django Unchained appeared blurry – showing the effects of alcohol.

Cinemas go sub-zero across Germany

Non-profit organization fiftyfity gave cinemagoers a taste of homeless life by transforming it into a freezing environment to recreate what homeless people experience in a bid to drive donations.

Sony Xperia soda cinema stunt

To promote the new waterproof Sony Xperia acro S, film-goers attending the opening of Skyfall in Stockholm were given a free soft drink on entering the cinema with a little surprise…

Woolworths ‘Make it Famous’ Cinema Activation

Woolworths asked cinemagoers “what are you famous for at Christmas?” Their answers were filmed and recorded and dropped into a live pre-show on the big screen.