CineTAM Plus

The next evolution of the CineTAM audience measurement platform
  • A brand new initiative providing deeper understanding into cinemagoers to assist planning and buying.
  • Your ‘go to tool’ to unlock the power of the cinema and enhance targeting within cinema buying beyond demographic measurement alone.
  • Bi-annual sweeps of 1,000 interviews across the year from the CineTAM universe.

CineTAM Plus delivers

  • Moviegoing behaviour and preferences
  • Movie genre insights
  • Perceptions about cinema and its role as an entertainment option
  • Perceptions of AV advertising
  • AV media consumption
  • Product category insights


CineTAM Plus - Chick Flick Audiences
CineTAM Plus - Family Movie Audiences
CineTAM Plus - Drama Audiences
CineTAM Plus - Blockbuster Audiences